Premium WiFi

From the living room  to the laundry room, experience fast speeds in every nook and cranny of your home. Our Premium WiFi provides wall-to-wall fast internet, regardless of obstacles.

Goodbye dead spots!

Our new Premium WiFi service can expand your range and speed. We use a MoCa enabled gateway that provides access points in your home so you can get great coverage and performance anywhere. Add up to 2 additional WiFi access points in your home.


Professional Installation

Our Premium WiFi is professionally installed and

supported by CAS Cable specialist. During the installation process, our technician will perform a WiFi verification to ensure the best locations to set-up these WiFi access points and make sure the set-up provides a great experience where you use your wireless devices in your home.

Add Premium WiFi only

$5 a month per access point!*


The Premium WiFi Difference

Premium WiFi works over the MoCA network rather than WiFi-to-WiFi. This gives a more robust setup because we use the coax network in the house and are not simply repeating a wireless signal over-the-air. Roam free anywhere in your house and you’re automatically connected to the best signal strength.


* Prices exclude taxes, fees and other charges (e.g., installation, service-call, or separately billed charges). Current customers may experience an installation fee per access point. 

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