Business Services

Partner with CAS Business, and our dedicated team of leading experts will work around the clock to keep you connected.

Business Internet

CAS offers Internet built for businesses of all sizes with flexible plans that fit your business needs. We also have a dedicated business support team that keeps your business connected at all times.

Business Phone

Whether you're a small business of one, or a large company with 500 employees, you need crystal-clear phone service. But in these fast times, you need anywhere access to calls and voicemail.

Business TV

Why does your business need TV? TV does more for your business than you might think. Throughout the day you, your employees, and your customers will each find value in having the TV on -keeping them (and you) informed and happy.

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CAS Cable provides cable television services for Wood, Jackson and Washington Counties. They provide the opportunity for advertisers to digitally insert their commercials on over 20 cable networks plus their local channel CAS45.

Cable Advertising

Sports Packages


Advertise locally on ESPN Networks, TNT, TBS and more! You can participate in games that matter most and generate viewership. We offer advertising on high energy sports all year!

Community Channel 45


Advertise on CAS Cable's local community channel CAS45. Opportunities include Public Service Announcements, Non-profit events, etc.

Cable Network


Advertise on CAS Cable networks. We offer production services for still frame ads to on-location video commercials to studio-produced video commercials.