How to set up your Netgear Router

PC Setup

1. Locate your Wifi Settings and click on it (Windows 10 Wifi icon shown)
2. Find the Netgear Wifi network name on the bottom of your modem/router. 
Most Netgear products have it labeled as "WiFi Network Name (SSID)"
3. Click on that network and click "Connect"
4. Enter the Wifi Password and hit Next. The password can be found on the bottom of the Netgear router/modem. 
Most Netgear products have it labeled as "Network Key (Password)"
5. Once connected, open up  your Internet Browers (Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc) and go to ""
6. Follow the set up set instructions (screenshots are provided) and once completed successfully the internet will start working on all of your devices.

Mobile App Setup

1. Open the App Store (if on an Apple device) or the Google Play Store (if on an Android Device).
2. Do a search for the Netgear Nighthawk app. It is a free download. 
3. Once downloaded start the app and it will take you through the step by step setup. Screenshots are provided. 


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