Business Phone

Connect your operations to reliable business phone service, quality sound, and powerful features. The phone is your lifeline to customers, suppliers, support services and more. You can never afford dropped calls, down time, or a poor quality connection, and you don’t want to overpay for your service. With CAS Business Phone, you get quality service that’s bottom-line friendly. 

Phone Pricing

Business Phone Line


a month

Additional lines only $24.95

Business Fax Line


a month



a month


$0.45 cents a minute

Business Voicemail


a month


*Included in a $39.95 line


Phone prices do not include taxes and fees. Installation charges will apply for anything other than a 2 year contract. 

Whether you're a small business of one, or a large company with 500 employees,

you need crystal-clear phone service. 


• In Depth, On Site Evaluation of Your Current Services and Cost Analysis for Phone Access

• Hassle-Free Provider Switching (keep existing numbers, including 800)

• Flexibility to Change and Upgrade Services and Accounts as Needed

• Conference Calling

• Voicemail to Email

• Fax to Email



Phone Features


Voicemail to Email

Online Phone Manager

Reminder Calls

Do Not Disturb

Selective Call Block


Call Forward - Busy

Call Forward - No Answer

Call Forward - Delay


Find Me Following Me

Call Forwarding Remote





Distinctive Ring Line

Dedicated Fax Line

Hosted VoIP


Our Hosted VoIP services provide the total package to help keep your company moving — and growing. Get the power of a private line, with the speed and clarity of a broadband connection, all for a great price.

Why Choose CAS Hosted VoIP for your company?

  • Cost-effective: With easy-to-understand monthly costs for unlimited nationwide local and long distance, as well as no major equipment purchases, you can budget with confidence.

  • Scalable: Our solution grows along with you.

  • Flexible: Choose how many phones you need and configure the features that support changing needs. 

  • Fully maintained: That means no hardware or maintenance costs, and no tech expertise on your part. 


  • Be Anywhere: Seamless connectivity lets you and your employees take business calls on any device, wherever you are.

  • Reliability: CAS Hosted VoIP runs on the CAS network, built from the ground up for proven performance.


Hosted VoIP Features


Secure and Reliable

Find Me, Follow Me

Caller ID


Call Forwarding

Call Transfer

Hunt Group

Speed Dialing

Keep Existing Business Numbers

Call Hold, Including Music and Advertising

Support Multiple Locations

Web Portal for Do-it-Yourself Changes

Route Calls by Name, Department, or Extension

Voicemail to Email

Call a business specialist today for a customized quote 304-420-2470