Are you ready for a better Wi-Fi?

You normally don’t think about your wireless connection… until it stops working. And if you’ve noticed that happening more and more often lately—as you stream movies and level up your multiplayer gaming—the culprit could be your modem.


The easiest way to update your home network—and the first step to getting a flawless connection—is upgrading your cable modem. Here is our list of modems that have been tested and approved to work on the CAS Cable network.


The second step is placement. While most people tend to tuck their modems away in the furthest reaches of the home, that’s usually not the best place when it comes to wireless networking. The fewer walls, floors, and general obstructions a wireless signal has to travel through, the better your signal strength is going to be. So get your modem out of the basement or broom closet and find a tasteful place to for it on the main floor of the house, in a reasonably centralized location.

The third step is extension. Larger houses present a unique challenge to wireless networks: more square footage means more ground for your modem to cover and more potential signal obstructions. By placing a Wi-Fi Range Extender throughout a large home, you will be able to enhance existing Wi-Fi coverage and eliminate all of those dreaded “dead-spots.”