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High Speed Internet Tiers
CAS offers wireless home computer network
services so you can have all your computers online
at once, Wireless Home Networking service is great
to connect online from any of the following devices:

Computer tablets like iPads
eReaders like Kindle and Nook
Game consoles
Mobile devices
Free Wifi
Super-Powered Email
With our even more powerful webmail
service included, you'll get up to five email
accounts and a total of 250MB of storage!
Get special access to a new dimension of online
entertainment including WATCHESPNWatch ESPN
brings you 24/7 live programming from your favorite
ESPN networks on your computer, smart phone and

Visit Watchespn.com  and start streaming your favorite
ESPN networks, live events, and shows
Exclusive Online Entertainment
CAS Cable offers Internet speeds up to 400 Mbps so our service can support your entire family online
at once!

Whether you are using Tablets, laptops, smartphones or all three at once we have the speeds to
keep up. Stream movies and music, game online and video chat all at the same time, you can do
it all with CAS Cable.
Every byte of data that gets sent to (downloads) or
from (uploads) Internet-enabled equipment in your
Home is counted toward your monthly usage. A full
HD movie, for instance, uses about 3 GB of
bandwidth. Some computer and console games
can use as much as 50 GB of bandwidth. Our
Internet packages deliver up to 1000 GB of data
allowance, giving you the flexibility you need.
What are MONTHLY usage caps?
400 Mbps Tier Includes 1000 GB monthly cap
200 Mbps Tier Includes 700 GB monthly cap
100 Mbps Tier Includes 500 GB monthly cap
50 Mbps Tier Includes 300 GB monthly cap
15 Mbps Tier Includes 200 GB monthly cap

The ultimate web
experience, great
for online gaming
& family web surfing
Internet only:
Great for those using
multiple devices such
as smartphones, ipads
and computers.
Internet only:
Perfect for users
who occasionally
check their emails,
read news or
surf the web.
Internet only:
Great for those who
still need more
Internet only:
Ideal for everyday
use like uploading
photos to social
media and online
Internet only:
Available speeds may vary by location and require compatible modem. Monthly data allowance will apply. Family friendly filter optional.